Five Days to Joyful Freedom!

Almost everyone has experienced some kind of abuse. You may have experienced domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, been sexually abused, been spiritually or ritually abused, been oppressed by homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism - the list in our society is long. I have been learning to recognize and heal the effects of abuse for the past ten years. This is what I have learned:

WE CAN have incredible happiness and freedom in our lives as a result of working to heal our experiences of trauma.

In my new series of five workshops, I will teach you how! You will learn how to recognize the effects of abuse even when they hide in your refrigerator or your relationships; how to let go of shame and fear in all areas of your life; how to use compassion to release the painful memories your body holds; how to find your boundaries and achieve safety, power, and JOY in your life.

The first workshop will address the universal effect of abuse, FEAR, and how to let it go for once and for all. The other four workshops will teach you the four things you need most for a joyous recovery: HOPE, COMPASSION, BOUNDARIES, and HONESTY. You will return home with powerful hands-on tools for healing yourself and your world!

Session 1: FEAR
Release shame, confront limiting beliefs, and find abundance!
Session 2: HOPE
Leap into an incredible world of new freedom - bring your dreams!
The key to releasing old pain and finally loving yourself!
This new workshop series is presented by East Bay Energy Therapy. To register or for more info:
Fulfill your needs and discover your incredible power!
Session 5: HONESTY
Get to know yourself and get crystal-clear insight into your path in life!
Each workshop costs $50, or $200 for all five. Sliding-scale rates are available!