In describing therapy cats, author Franny Syufy writes, "It has become fairly common knowledge that cats are great therapy for nursing home residents, and it is a joy to see eyes light up when a cat is brought in by a visitor. Even more fortunate are those patients of health care facilities who have a cat in residence. Try petting your kitty when you are stressed from the activities of an unusually busy day. You'll find those tense shoulder and neck muscles relaxing, your heart rate slowing, and an intense feeling of pleasure flowing through your entire body, as all those stresses flow out and relaxation flows in. Those are the benefits of therapy cats to nursing home residents and health care facilities, and they can be equally applied to the rest of us. Therapy cats are especially valuable when interacting with Alzheimer patients, by stimulating both memory and forgotten emotions."

We here at East Bay Energy Therapy are very lucky to have three such cats in residence. Carrot, a young grey tabby, is round, snuggly and very friendly, and loves frolicking with his toy feathers. Marty, a young mostly-Siamese cat, is especially calm and sweet. He loves attention and has great peaceful energy. Jesse, our ten-year-old, is very soft and purry, and adores human attention - but she can't stand those playful kittens! They spend most of their time playing in the backyard, but will often come inside for interested visitors.

Pictures of Jesse * Pictures of Marty * Pictures of Carrot