In an EFT session, you will learn the "basic recipe" for using EFT on yourself, and then be guided through using it to heal whatever problems are coming up for you. Depending on the complexity of the problem and what else it brings up, this may take one or several sessions. You can stop at any time, or use a weekly session in the same way as massage or therapy - to help work out the kinks of everyday life.

Our rates are $65 for students and $95 for the general public. Our community health clinic sessions are $20 and generally last 15-30 minutes. We also offer online sessions via a chat room or instant messaging program, for those outside of the Bay Area or who find it easier not to leave their homes. Online sessions are $45 for a fifty-minute hour, which can be paid online using PayPal, or by a mailed check or money order that arrives before the session.

Email us to schedule a session, or with any questions you may have. Soon we hope to have a form on this page that will let you schedule sessions or register for workshops online!