PEACE.... We all want it. Inner peace, personal peace, a few minutes of peace, neighborhood peace, world peace.

At the Idora Park Peace Program, we want it too. And we can help.

Idora Park offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). We will show you how to tap gently on specific acupressure points designed to reduce and eliminate pain - whether it is physical or emotional pain - and help you find solutions. And afterwards, you will have learned a great tool that you can use for dealing with all kinds of problems in life.

No matter what problems are disturbing your peace, Idora Park can help. If you or someone you live might be in trouble with drugs, cigarettes, alcohol... if your kids, or your parents, are driving you crazy... if you hate your job and don't know what to do... or can't find one... if you are struggling with money... if your life has been touched by violence... even if you are dealing with physical pain, tension, or allergies, we can help.

Help at Idora Park is totally confidential. No one will ever know anything you say except the one person you talk to. And they aren't telling! Sessions at Idora Park Peace Program cost $20/hour, but we have sliding scale fees available and your first five sessions are free. We are here to help the neighborhood, not to cost it money. There is no obligation to continue after five sessions: many problems can be resolved in fewer than that. If there is anything you would still like help with after five sessions, we can also direct you to other free and confidential resources in our area.

You can call 652-3014 to set up an appointment. Or, if you have internet access, you can check us out at, or email You can also just stop by during office hours, at 919 44th Street. It just looks like any neighborhood home - there's nothing outside to tell people why you're here.

If you really enjoy your time here you can volunteer with us, learn to help others, and get a great recommendation letter and item for your resume!

Help bring peace to our neighborhood.
Come to the Idora Park Peace Program.

Who can benefit from learning EFT?

Why Idora Park?

Think globally, act locally. Idora Park is our home. According to "Oakland: A Photographic Journey," Idora Park is named for a big amusement park that used to be up between 56th and 58th streets from Telegraph to Shattuck. It lasted from 1902-1928. This area used to be called "Little Italy" because of all the Italian immigrants who settled here (that's why Genova Deli is up at 51st!) and now it's incredibly diverse. As we all know! Idora Park goes from MacArthur to 55th and Telegraph to the Emeryville border. People from other areas are welcome to come to the Idora Park Peace Program too - we can't build peace in our neighborhood by ignoring the violence just over its borders.